Our Process

Conscious Growth Consulting utilizes the most proven and effective way to engage with each company in order to achieve the desired outcome of increased revenues and building long term sustainable success. We are experts at identifying and integrating multiple profit optimization opportunities. In order to do this we believe companies must place an emphasis on creating and maintaining a positive culture, having a powerful vision that inspires and a mission to positively contribute to the world.

Because of the intimate nature of our consulting engagements, our team only works with a small number of clients at a time. We also take great pride in only working with companies that we are confident we can contribute to in a positive way. Our entire business is built through word of mouth and referrals and we don’t take that lightly. Our full intention is to build long term relationships with each client and for them to become our greatest source of referrals, incredibly happy they engaged in our services.

How We Create Sustainable Success With You


The discovery process consists of a detailed investigation into your business. We gain an in depth understanding of your vision, your company culture, review your messaging, marketing strategies and tactics, your hiring and training practices. We also perform confidential interviews of all key team members.

We learn how you engage with your prospects and existing clients, review your conversion ratios, your existing distribution and sales channels and your overall client experience. This entire process allows us to gain a clear understanding of the successes, challenges and opportunities for success.

The Discover process will provide insights into the following areas of your business:

  • Branding and positioning

  • Company culture

  • Lead generation and conversion

  • Sales process and sales training

  • Customer experience

  • Business development strategies

  • Systemization in your business

  • Referral strategies

  • Personal leadership

  • Quality of communications

  • Sales KPI tracking and analysis

  • How you recruit and retain top talent


After the Discovery phase of your engagement, we often identify multiple ways to optimize and increase your profits, improve your culture, clarify and improve your messaging and dramatically improve your overall client experience. A detailed executive summary is put together and presented.

We then work with your senior leadership team to identify the most important strategies and tactics to focus on and prioritize the order in which we will deploy them. There is tremendous profit optimization potential when you simultaneously improve a small number of key areas in your business.

By increasing revenues in a few key areas simultaneously, you will experience a significant increase in your profits:


Integration is the most important step and where many businesses fail. We often find that some of the success optimization strategies that we identify were already in the awareness of the leadership team of a company yet they never truly integrated them into their business to realize positive outcomes.

We will work with your team each week to ensure that each of the profit optimization strategies are successfully integrated into your business.

By focusing on and increasing revenues in a few key areas simultaneously, you will experience a significant increase in your profits:


Once you create positive momentum and results in your business, it is necessary to sustain the success and commitment to constant and never ending improvement. The business world is constantly changing and nothing stays the same so your commitment to growth is essential.

We will continue to be an integral part of your team and ensure that you are sustaining the positive momentum.

Learn how you can become a client today and begin increasing your revenues, success and overall positive impact in the world.

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