About Us

Conscious Growth™ Consulting has a track record of success helping business owners and entrepreneurs to optimize their profits and overall success. We have worked with companies with annual revenues ranging from just a few hundred thousand to over $300 million per year where our clients have experienced increases in revenues ranging from 30% – 400%.

Our success is as a result of our own experience in working with some of the most successful business growth experts, thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the world while modeling and applying proven strategies and tactics into our clients businesses. We are constantly researching best practices in business growth, profit optimization, corporate culture and sustainability and sharing them with our clients such that they experience the results they envision. Our primary focus today is to support business owners and entrepreneurs that are committed to creating a better world.

Our Vision

Conscious GrowthTM Consulting is committed to work exclusively with companies that provide products and services that will bring forth a more environmentally sustainable and socially conscious world. We are passionate about the environment, alternative healthcare and sustainable energy. We believe it is not only possible to be highly profitable and successful in businesses that serve these markets but as our society collectively becomes aware that the path we have been on is not sustainable, this is where the greatest demand will come from.


aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.


development from a lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form; evolution

Our Philosophy

We take a holistic approach to business and life. Our initial focus is to look at each organization we choose to work with as a whole. This starts with a detailed and thorough process to identify the vision of the leadership, company culture, products and services offered, marketing and messaging, sales and distribution models and client experience. We will only work with companies that we feel an alignment with and believe can contribute to a better world, not just bottom line profits at all cost.

We only work with a small number of clients at a time and become an integral part of their organization. This includes identifying profit optimization opportunities, business growth and development strategies, creating and delivering World-Class client experiences, how to become the most respected brand in your industry and create lasting and sustainable success.

This Includes Creating

  • Clarity of your corporate vision
  • Healthy and sustainable finances
  • Your business contributing to the world in a positive way
  • World-Class corporate culture and client experiences
  • The most respected brand in your industry
  • Lasting and sustainable success

Creating Conscious Growth™

Our intention is for each client to experience
Conscious Growth. There is no such thing as inertia which means nothing ever stays the same. If you are not in a state of growth then by definition you are in a state of decay. At the same time, one of the biggest problems in our world is when individuals and organizations focus on growth in ways that cause short and long term harm to themselves and the world around them.

We define Conscious Growth as experiencing growth that allows you to be in harmony in all areas of your life, with your organization and the world. By growing consciously you will create long term and sustainable success that will allow you to experience a deeper sense of fulfillment, wellbeing and peace.

“Doug Sutton is an expert at helping companies find ways to optimize their profits. He has a sharp eye for design and deep understanding of what is needed to engage customers, deliver world-class service and build a dominant brand. Doug has also had a great impact in helping me as a business owner to think about the big picture and the legacy that I want to leave behind and the importance of having a strong culture within our company, to be outward and focused and to make a positive difference in our community, with our clients, and the world.”

Brandon Wise

The Enso circle is a sacred symbol in the Zen school of Buddhism. It symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, single mindedness, elegance and the oneness of all things. It also represents the spirit of harmonious cooperation, personal development, refinement of character, perfect harmony and the circle of life. Enso is an expression of individuality as no two circles are identical, each with different brush strokes, tones and sizes.

The representation of the Enso circle as part of the Conscious Growth logo is to acknowledge the importance of integrating these attributes into business and life. We believe that our world is interconnected and that businesses must start with a holistic and mindful approach.

In architecture, the pyramid is the most powerful structure and is built to last. The most important aspect with any structure is creating a solid, balanced foundation. The same is true for business. Only by building a powerful structure can a business create long term sustainable success. In order for a business to thrive, it must be built and maintained with a clear vision to be balanced and powerful enough to sustain any challenges or market conditions.

Conscious Growth™ Consulting acknowledges the importance of creating a solid foundation and building a company in the most powerful way possible, with a clear strategy to create immediate and long term success and we are experts at doing this for our clients.